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冨田 賢

Satoshi Tomita, Ph.D.

Dr. Satoshi Tomita received his Ph.D. in Media and Goverance after completing the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Policy and Media Studies at Keio University. Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University. Completed the Master course and received his MA in Economics. He received the Keio University School BA of Policy Management (SFC). He is managing his own consulting firm to develop new business, arrangement of corporate alliances and M&A, commercialization of IoT and AI, situated in Aoyama, Tokyo. The firms has provided their services to over 200 client companies for over 10 years. He is managing a couple of corporate venture capital funds for companies, including listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, investing in startups in the US, mainly California, Singapore, and so on. He is a former full-time lecturer (VC theory, entrepreneur development course first representative) at Osaka City University. He studied abroad at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. From 2017 he was appointed as a Professor of the Graduate School of Business Administration at Rikkyo University, where he is responsible for venture capital theory, alliance strategy theory, commercialization of technology, business plan preparation, and seminars (graduate study). As for literary works, he wrote and published "Textbook for developing new business ~ Strongest skills to be acquired as a business leader" (long-selling repeated edition), "The alliance strategy in the IoT era ~ Proposal of mathematical model of mathematical modeling of artificial intelligence" (academy award winner) and five other books. Many lectures were held at seminars organized by "Nikkei Business". In addition, he also held presentations at academic conferences at international venues, including winning two awards as well as submitting papers to international journals. He once participated in launching an independent VC and also has the experience of achieving IPO of his own VC and several investment companies. Furthermore, in the division of fund management at Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., he served as the largest gate keeper in Japan for domestic and foreign VC funds and also understands fiduciary duty. He currently serves concurrently as a research fellow at University of California, San Diego.

Fiduciary duty

President Dr. Satoshi Tomita has been operating a corporate pension fund and a public pension at the consignment operation department of Brown · Brothers · Harriman (the most famous joint custody bank in the United States) and Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co., Ltd., We understand well about the responsibilities. (Responsibility and governance when depositing and managing funds from outside) For that reason we can also make requests to companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange with confidence.


Personal connections

Number of business cards exchanged with companies, experts, government officials, etc. around the world in Tokyo over the past 11 years: 7000 mail newsletters delivered, 2500 facebook friends. Hold exchanges with many managers and achieve top sales. Effecive relationships with 4000 companies. Dr. Tomita has an incredibly wide network in Japan and abroad.

Acting University Professor

As the youngest MBA professor, he serves as professor of Rikkyo University graduate school of business design. Instructs on the theory of venture capital and entreprenurial finance, alliance strategy theory, management of technology, and forming business plans. Furthermore, Dr. Tomita actively provides presentations and paper submissions at international academic conferences, and has received two awards.

New Business Development

Over the past 11 years, he has launched 180 new businesses as management consultant. He also handles many cases focusing on IoT and AI. In addition to seminars sponsored by Nikkei Business Publications "Nikkei Business", he holds a seminar on dozens of new business launches each year.

VC Experience

From the age of 25, he participated in the launch of an independent venture capital and achieve the listing of the same VC in two and a half years. In addition to operating Japan's first investment business limited liability partnership, he was a principal representative of an investment business association (venture fund) with a total fund of 1.5 billion yen collected by himself at the age of 26, invested in many venture companies and lead them to being listed. For the first time as a private VC, funds of the Japanese central government (group organization of METI) are also managed.

Overseas Activities

From July 2018 he became a research fellow at University of California, San Diego. In 2018, he visited the United States 13 times during the year, mainly in San Diego. In addition to visiting Singapore on a monthly basis, he has visited London, Cardiff (the capital of Wales) and other European countries. We are exploring and discovering new business seeds all over the world.

Literary works

Dr. Tomita has published many books on new business development, work techniques, entrepreneurship, and so forth up to the present. His "Textbook for launching new business ~ The strongest skills that business leaders should acquire" has been expanded to the long sellers list. Currently he is writing a book on "Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) for developing a new business".